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10 Must-Have Packing Supplies for Moving this Summer

1. Bubble Wrap
It’s easy to use, comes in rolls and ranges from small to large bubbles. It’s serrated every 12 inches so you can tear it off. Small bubble wrap is good for packing delicate, fragile items.

2. Packing Paper
It’s essentially clean, white newsprint that keeps your items ink-free and is another option for wrapping and packing dishes, glassware and other delicate or smaller items. You can also use it as a filler to pad less-than-full boxes.

3. Boxes 
Pack heavier items, like books, silverware, tools and canned goods, in small boxes and light items, like pillows, bedding and lamp shades, in bigger boxes.

4. Stretch Plastic Wrap
You can use it, for example, to wrap and keep dresser drawers shut. Plastic stretch wrap can also be used for soft furniture like couches and chairs by taking the giant-sized roll and wrapping it around the piece of furniture.

5. Packaging Tape
Tan or clear packing tape, not duct tape. Two strips down the middle. Go down about half way from the top of box when sealing it or 4 to 6 inches down the side. 

6. Marking Pens
Use a large-size Sharpie so you can see your labels really easily. Have two or three on hand, so you can clearly label ‘fragile’ with ‘up arrows’ for example. 

7. Large Ziploc Bags
Use Ziploc bags to store small screws, brackets, batteries, or other little items.

8. Trash Bags
Line boxes with trash bags for liquids being packed like shampoos, liquor, stuff that can spill. Also, pack sofa throw pillows in plastic bags. 

9. Moving Blankets
When hiring professional movers to load a rental truck, rent them from the same rental truck company for the movers to use to protect wood furniture. You can then turn them in with the truck. 

10. Padded Paper Pads
An alternative to blankets is padded paper pads. It looks like brown paper bags, but it has cushioning built into it that you can wrap around pieces of furniture to prevent nicks and scratches. It’s typically for hard furniture like a desk, dresser or table.

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