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Winter Moving Tips

While it is common knowledge that summer is "busy season" for moving companies, you don't always have the luxury of moving at the optimal time for good weather and your kids' summer vacation. Don't fear; you can rely on our 15 years of experience to guide you through moving in the off-season. In honor of the crisp, cool weather and the appearance of fall leaves in glorious reds, oranges, and yellow, we presentA Local Van’sMoving Tips: Cold Weather Edition! The biggest element of the fall and winter months that can disrupt your move is weather. There are several things you take into consideration when choosing a local professional mover: 
Reschedule Policy: There are some days where the weather is so bad that it would be irresponsible and unsafe to move your items. You want a moving company who cares enough about your items to postpone a move so that your items are not damaged and are not being transported on icy, treacherous roads (it's a rare moving company…

About aLocalVan Moving and Storage

aLocalVan Moving & Storage is a residential and commercial mover in Louisville KY you can trust with your possessions. We are a family owned and  operated business, not a franchise, that provides local and long distance moving with personal attention to detail. Our people are prompt dedicated professionals who are ready and willing to assist you in  every phase of your moving process. Let us help you reduce the stress  related to moving your belongings, leaving you with the piece of mind to concentrate on the other aspects of your relocation.

Why choose  A Local Van Moving & Storage, LTD. CO. for your upcoming move? Family owned, Louisville, Kentucky based local and long distance moving company.Residential and Commercial mover.Fully insured and carry Worker’s Compensation.Intrastate and Interstate operational authority in the forty-eight contiguous states. Our operational numbers are USDOT 899195, MC 391893, KY DMT 806.Trucks are CLEAN, professionally maintained and moving van o…

One mover, two movers, three movers...four?

One mover, two movers, three movers...four?With mostreputable moving companies it depends entirely on the size of your move.  A smaller move tends to warrant two movers, a medium size move at least three movers with the largest move being at least four movers. 

When you call in to schedule an appointment for a moving estimate or obtain a moving quote, your agent will begin by gathering  information about your move.  A list of things they will ask is indicated below:

How many bedrooms?What's the square-footage of your home?Do you have any large or fragile items?Is your home one story, two or more?Will you need packing done? The answers to these questions will help the mover gauge your move size and then devise a move plan that addresses your moving need.  The least amount of movers sent will be two.  Two movers generally handle one and two bedroom apartments.  For larger two bedroom apartments, condos and three bedroom homes, three movers are generally assigned.  And lastly for lar…

Retirement and Relocation

While economic conditions may have affected or delayed the retirement plans of some, there is still a great number of baby boomers reaching retirement age.

According to a Dell Web survey of baby boomers, 55% of them plan to move when they retire.

If you own a home it is likely your most valuable asset. Although there may be many emotional ties to your current home, you should consider if its the right place for you in retirement.
There are many good reasons to consider downsizing or relocating for retirement:
Retiring with debit is not optimal; perhaps you can downsize and eliminate the need for a mortgage completely.Even if you don’t have enough equity to buy a smaller home outright, reducing the size of your mortgage payment will likely improve your financial security in retirement.Your housing needs during retirement will most likely be different than your current needs and you may want to find a home and community that better suits your retirement needs.In addition to a lo…