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But my piano was only $50!

We move pianos. We charge a pretty reasonable fee to do so.
Yet the first words I hear  50% of the time is “but I only paid…” or “but I got it for free..”

The reality is someone gave or sold you a 400 – 900 pound piece of furniture. Movers move heavy things, some with value and some without value. The value has little to do with the moving cost, the weight does.

If pianos were made of wicker and feathers, you would not be calling a piano mover.
So… if you are looking to buy a piano or if someone is blessing you with a free piano, consider what will affect your moving cost.

Is it a spinet or grand? (Grands are more expensive)
Is is on ground level or are there stairs? (Gravity is your enemy and affects the price)
Is it going to moved a short distance or far?

Can we move any day or does it need to be on Saturday at 430 PM? (exact times cost more)
Finally, is it worth buying the piano? Cost to consider are: refinishing it (a few hundred?) ,  moving it (a couple of hundred?) and then tuning i…